Thursday, November 21, 2013

A dream remembered….

Recently I was sitting at TRF with an ailing friend, watching a show and enjoying the performers when I was struck with the return of a high school day dream (no Heather not that one it was answered later in life) of how I wanted my life to go. Watching these bawdy performers I remembered wanting that life, a life of fun, a life free of drudgery and mind numbing minutia.

Some would caution that the bohemian lifestyle isn't likely to be lucrative. To them I counter neither is my current, mediocre lifestyle. Can you imagine a work comprised of jokes (mostly bawdy), songs, and laughter?
I used to imagine it often as it was one of my favorite daydreams (right next to that other one, Khristie). When did I stop picturing that life for me? I have released many dreams that were not responsible, reasonable, or realistic. I consciously let go of those dreams. The imagined joy of a life savored by TRF entertainers was one that simply faded without complaint or notice.

So as I smile and laugh while enjoying Sound and Fury’s performance of “Testiceles and the Sac of Rome” in the Shakespearean style, I may not just be smiling at their antics, but also at a dream remembered.

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