Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little exercises...

During my therapy work combating depression I have been taught a few little exercises that perhaps can benefit everyone. My favorite of these exercises is noticing the little moments that make me smile or feel something besides crushing sadness; the idea is that in time I may realize that there are more moments of good feelings than I ever noticed before.

Let me share some examples…

As I worked on the garden fence last week, a hummingbird landed on the fence not 10 feet from me and sat there almost 5 minutes…I stopped working and just stared at this tiny, little creature.

We have walking sticks (stick bugs) all over the property and I enjoy watching them from time to time, they’re just cool (and the largest bug in North America).

A co-worker brought her puppy into work twice this week. The residents really love the puppy, but so do I. It is always refreshing to experience such youthful playfulness.

I also keep a running tab of things I am thankful for in my daily “Muddling Through Life.” And I choose three at the end of the day as the things I am most thankful for, hopefully I may come to believe I have a blessed life.

Some examples of my thankful list…

Co-ed at Subway (in a hot pink sports bra and black tank top for sharing her beauty)
Writing (or the release that comes from writing)
Chicks (the baby chickens)
Co-ed at carwash (I had to write about her)
Looking up from working to find my old dog lying close by
Pics of the incredible female form
The sounds of Cicadas
Flirting with friends
Our cat
Su’s laugh
A good friend with a DVR
Sharing my writing
Puppy breath

I hope that you may try these little exercises to enhance your life, even if you aren't struggling with depression.

I want to thank you, reader, for allowing me to express myself and for accepting who I am. And thank you for sharing this little bit of time with me.