Friday, August 16, 2013

Recently I wanted to revamp my Bucket List, so I searched Pinterest for ideas and inspirations to add to my new and improved Bucket List. What I found was a bunch of lists for seasonal activities i.e. “My Summer Bucket List”. This did not strike me as a good way to express one’s aspirations for their achievements prior to their death. Apparently the Bucket List has become a to do list for one’s vacation.

Not being satisfied with this I reexamined my list and attempted a deeper, more thoughtful approach, so gone are the superficial, selfish, and materialistic goals from my End of Life List.

My endeavors shall include:
• To live honestly ( not so easy sometimes)
• To give my best effort to all tasks at hand (not just the effort I think they deserve…do my best in all things)
• To raise a child (or 30) in the manner I would want to be raised (done)
• To find redeeming qualities in all areas of my life (Personal, Social, Career, etc…)
• To give of myself to those in need (my time, my money, and even my blood)
• To get a tattoo (selfish I know)

Have I altered what maybe on your End of Life List??? Please share with me…