Friday, December 10, 2010

Reprinted from Lying Rooster News 2007

New addition…

My truck driving school lasted 2 ½ weeks and my class had 16 students in it. We got to know one another somewhat.

To be able to attend 2 ½ weeks of 10 hr days meant that almost everyone there had to leave their job… money was tight for everyone. One classmate, Todd, was a chain smoking, black coffee drinking, career military man. He spoke too loud, was too free with his opinions, but he was not a bad man.
He told us that when school finished that he was moving his family closer to his in-laws since he was going to be OTR for several weeks at a time. About a week before the end of class Todd says that he has to find a home for his dog as she was too big for an apartment, I couldn’t believe that he had waited until now to find her a home, I asked about the dog…I spoke with Su. We had recently turned down 2 dogs that a friend was looking for a home for (right PL?). I knew that Todd was the type that would put this young dog down all due to his lack of foresight. We agreed to take her if they would pay for ½ the spaying when they got the money…they agreed but I don’t believe we will see the money.

When we went to get her we saw how she had been living. She was an inside dog, too big for the house and her pack mate was a Pomeranian! The family each had a PC and sat in the living room with their backs to each other paying on line games. If they weren’t interacting with each other or their kid I was certain they were not interacting with the dog.
So in addition to 30+ chickens, 3 cats, 3 dogs, and a snake we have Jetta, a 2 year old (younger I think) Great Dane.
Todd said she weighed 150# and she stood 32” at the shoulder. He was right about how tall she was, but anyone could tell she was underweight no matter how much she weighed. Todd said that they did not feed her large breed food because some vet told him that if the small dog ate it she could be hurt worse than the big dog eating regular food (ol’ roy?). She weighed 112#. She is now on large breed food and we are putting weight on her slowly, she gets 8 cups a day 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening.
Her new pack mates are closer to her size range. Diablo is shorter but currently outweighs her, Sadie is tall but only weighs 75# to 80# and Destiny at 35# to 40# can almost run under everyone else.
So welcome to Jetta, the black Great Dane with the white spot chest and feet.

Update #1: 2007
I got to go home for a few days during my training. Jetta has settled into the pack nicely. She follows Su everywhere, won’t let Alex pet her often, and growls at me when I come to bed hours after Su goes to bed. Well at least I know Su has a protector…although I think Diablo would have been there for her too. And between you and me…my money is still on Diablo…even as old as he is…he could take Jetta.

Update #2:
Its three years later and Jetta has become a wonderful addition to our home. When she came to us she was skittish and seemly nervous of everyone around her. She eventually settled in nicely and became a strong member of the pack.
About a week ago Jetta started acting different, not eating as much and sleeping all day. A trip to the Vet let us know that Jetta’s kidneys were beginning to fail. After that trip to the Vet she went down quick and stopped eating altogether, Su ended up having to force feed her for 3 days until the Vet was able to visit our home and end her suffering. At 5:45pm today Jetta closed her eyes forever and was buried on our property.

Her Character was every bit as enormous as she was. She scared the daylights out of people even though she was scared herself. She came here in need of a loving family and a safe home and before she left here she returned all that love and more. She is missed.