Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My strategy for 2015…

In years past, I have made the wildly unattainable resolutions, the no resolutions resolution, and the vague and easily attainable resolutions. None of them made me any happier, even if I was able to attain them.

So how will I proceed in 2015? What strategy will I use? There’s the key word ‘strategy’.
This year my strategy is to construct my resolutions so they are attainable, but not too easily so as to steal the positive feelings of a goal achieved. I also want them to overlap so that I am improving in more than one area of my life at any given time..

I intend to lead a more healthful life by:
• This year I will cook more homemade (less processed) meals. While paleo and clean eating may be asking too much of me, I can certainly improve from where I currently am.
• I will move more and sit less (especially at home). This is doable since any action would currently be an improvement.
• I will exercise more control of my sleeping habits (become more of a routine, 1030 to 6).
• I will drink fewer sodas (anyone can do less, right?).
• I will have a spring, summer, and fall garden (gets me outside moving and produces good food).

I intend to have more control of my depression than I currently do by:
• Practicing my counter-depression techniques (correcting negative thoughts, noticing when I find something enjoyable no matter how fleeting, and setting myself up to experience those things I find uplifting ).
• Moving more and getting more sunshine see bullets 2 &5 from the above list (Ooo see what I did there? Using my multi-beneficial techniques!)
• Improve on my sleep habits (See bullet 3 from above list. Yep! I did it again).
• I will let go of those things (dreams, desires, or wishes) that have always led to regrets for me. To acknowledge where I am in my life and that there are things I will never achieve, dreams I will not realize, and desires I will never know.
• Practice gratitude.

I intend to improve my living situation by:
• Having a garden (see bullet 5 from the above list).
• Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom daily.
• Organizing my office weekly.
• Getting rid of the things (possessions) I do not use. This year I will be the king of reuse, recycle, repurpose, or donate/discard. (heavy on the donate/discard)
• General house clean up weekly.
• Painting. Paint is cheap (relatively speaking and will keep me busy all weekend, which means less sitting).
• Yard work, yard work, yard work (again less sitting).

I intend to improve my financial situation by:
• Being more mindful of where my money is going.
• Continuing my search for a second job.
• Spending less on food (see garden and homemade meals).

My hope and desire is to move toward what I conceive as a better life. One that is also attainable by me.