Thursday, November 25, 2010

My obligatory note of thanks…

It is that time of year when my social network sites are full of people proclaiming what they are thankful for. While no one has said that I must voice what I am thankful for I none-the-less feel a certain amount of pressure to share in kind.

My wife recently posted to such a social networking site asking everyone to share and I stated that I was thankful for books, DVDs, and Rum. I intended to add a quote by Longfellow, Whitman, or Hemingway in order to sound deeper than I am, but my drive fell short of my intentions. I later posted that I was really only thankful for boobs in all shapes, sizes, and colors in attempt to bring some levity to thread.

I am writing this because, like far too many people, I let situations pass where I could have told someone thank you, but did not. I don’t remember who said time can often temper regret for the things we have done, it is regret for the things we have not done that is inconsolable or something close to that(maybe Twain, Wilde, or Smith).

I want to thank all those souls that have, at different moments, brought some light into my world. Whether it was my wife and I laughing at some quirky situation in our home, my pride in my son’s development into a good man, the myriad of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances that softly smile at the right time, or the stunningly beautiful woman, who knows she is attractive, allows others to enjoy the vision of her loveliness.

With my ever present depression and my many years of work with abused children, be it the young boy that was beaten daily or the girl that was an object of lust to men in her family, I have more darkness in my world than I will ever be able to dispel on my own.

Thank you for your illumination.

I would like to add that I really am quite thankful for boobs and if you don't believe me, then expose yours to me and watch my face light up.