Tuesday, September 4, 2012


A poster at work reads, “The best things in life aren’t things.”
As sometimes occurs, I began thinking about this which led to me wanting to write about it. I understand that the point being made is that possessions are not the best things in life, but I would say that is not always true.
I decided I would put together a list of the Best Things in Life:
• The Smile or Laugh of a Loved One.
• The Curve of a Woman’s Body.
• Warm Banana Nut Bread.
• Savoring a good meal.
• An Evening Spent Among Friends.
• Flirting.
• Thunderstorms.
• Mead.
• Cleavage.
• Watching the young play (children, kittens, or puppies).
• Health of body and mind.
• The Smell of Horses.
• The Anticipation of a First Kiss.
• The Internet.
• The Loyalty, Love, Companionship of an Old Dog.
• Being the Reason Someone Sighs or Moans in Pleasure.

There it is my list of the “Best Things in Life” in no certain order (any who knows me, knows cleavage would be ranked higher), it is not exhaustive (I could added many more desserts) and as you can see this list does indeed include some “things.” In our search for the Best Life has to offer we must all decide just what that is, finer things, exclusivity, urban nightlife, or rural peacefulness. Do not begrudge anyone (including a spouse) if their list is different instead be accepting and interested in the wonderful diversity.

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