Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Trail though the Forest...

One of the strategies that I am supposed to employ in my struggle with depression is to notice the little moments in life that make me smile. The idea, as I understand it, is for me to realize how many times each day I am basically happy. Hopefully it will be more than I assumed it would be and it may increase in frequency as I return to the things that lighten my mood.
I have always known that I do not enjoy a sense of accomplishment when a project is done, but it now seems that I get something positive from the process of getting to the end product. Don’t get me wrong, if I am building a fence on our property I DO NOT enjoy digging postholes, rather I get more from the planning and doing than from saying, “Hey look at the fence I built.”
Maybe a better analogy would be going on a hike. Like most of us, I enjoy the hike more than finishing the trail, but I carry that over into other endeavors. I like the process more than the achievement. When my friend and I plan a trip somewhere I feel the road trip is as fulfilling as the destination.

Maybe that is the point of religion maybe leading a moral life is its own reward with or without the promise of a paradise in the afterlife, maybe…

In my career I have lamented that I rarely, if ever, make a lasting difference especially for the students I serve. Instead of wanting to improve their situation perhaps I should seek my comfort in the day to day process of getting through the day keeping my students and co-workers safe.

So as I muddle through life I am more likely to enjoy this life if I look at it as a journey to be savored rather than a series of accomplishments on my way to the grave. To remind me of this my computer background at work is a forest path…


  1. As much as I agree the planning & the trip are a great part of the adventure...... When planning and touring in life your destination ought to be fulfilling if you're going to be there a minit~ Lol!! You prolly don't realize the difference U do make just because of the nature of your position....however I do know that in "another life" you DID make a huge difference,one that will be everlasting for every life you touched. So as a favor to me, plz don't forget that, and where you come from.... We all take journeys and sometimes end up as far from our destination planned as imaginable, but you my friend, make all aspects of the journey, and on, enjoyable and most memorable~

  2. Hobby you always make me stop and ponder. I like that. As a person that struggles with depression each and every day as well it is hard to realize what it is that brings us joy in the grand scheme of it all. Is it the since of completion or the act of doing?? I think for me it is neither and more so the act of doing for others. I think I have forgotten how to find joy and pride in what I do for me, so that is why I have to make sure that I give and make others lives better. In my journey to finding daily happiness I think I have to re-unlock my desire to take care of me in order to be complete again. Cause no matter how much joy and fulfillment comes from seeing those I love and care about smile and have just a little better of a day, I still feel remiss that I have not accomplished the same.
    That is what I got out of the wisdom you have shared above. :)

  3. Maybe that is the point of religion maybe leading a moral life is its own reward with or without the promise of a paradise in the afterlife, maybe…

    Interesting. I have found myself thinking more often about morals and my own morality...could it be all the near death experiences? Hummmm. I really enjoyed this post...of course, you've always had the ability to make me think about things... :)